Andrew Kuria – My Time as a News Reporter

Andrew Kuria is perhaps one of the most experienced crime and court reporter we have ever had. The soft-spoken and gentle scribe reported for the NATION MEDIA GROUP from the corridors of justice for almost 30 years before his retirement from the mainstream media in the year 2000. During this time he covered major cases such as the court marshaling of Hezekiah Ochuka – the guy who led an attempt to overthrow Moi; THE Wambui Otieno case against her husband’s Umira Kager clan, the murder case of late and former minister Jackson Angaine’s daughter, and many other interesting ones that caused the nation to hold its breath. Today, he speaks to BLISS OASIS AFRICA about his growing up in various towns in Kenya, and his dream to become a writer which made him resign from a clerical job and follow his passion.  Watch the interview here

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