Binti World – Sanitizing Menstruation Taboo

Anni Gakii is the founder Binti Mwangaza, a community-based organization [CBO] in Nanyuki. Since 2012 Binti Mwangaza has been offering affordable and reusable alternative sanitary towels to young and impoverished girls who could afford the normal pads. Anni’s Community Based Organisation has so far reached more than 4,000 girls during that period many of whom would have either dropped out of school or forced into early marriages. In our interview Anni gives her background, and how the idea to help these young girls cropped up in her mind, considering her own experience as a young girl growing up in Meru. You can reach Anni through Whatsapp +254 721 621803 Facebook Page – Binti World.

Get her interview with BLISS OASIS AFRICA here

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