What is counselling


Counselling is a helping process that assists individuals to get access to a greater part of their personal resources, as a means of responding to the challenges of their life.

In counselling, specific skills and techniques are used to help clients become more competent, more contented and more creative.

Counselling does NOT deal primarily with the mentally ill but with normal individuals facing all the difficulties involved in domestic, work-oriented and social life. It is about helping people to grow in emotional fitness and health.

Essentially, counselling is a conversation between the individual and a counsellor, who is a trained professional who genuinely cares about his client’s well-being.  The counsellor will listen carefully to your concerns or worries and will help you to explore and identify ways to cope and improve your situation.

The situations that lead people to seek counselling range from personal or emotional challenges, family or relationship problems, job loss, abuse, among others.  The counsellor could also offer further resources that address your concerns.

Counselling, therefore, provides a safe and confidential setting to address the concerns and issues that cause distress.  Clients come to counselling with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Stress
  • Culture Shock
  • Adjusting to Canada or university life>
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Family or relationship difficulties
  • Self-esteem and confidence concerns
  • Harassment or abuse
  • Crisis situations.


One misconception has been that counselling is for the mentally unstable. Counselling is for normal, everyday people who are undergoing stressful or traumatic situations. People of all ages and backgrounds, at different stages in their lives, seek counselling. If you have an issue, do not suffer alone. Give us a call. Reach out.

At BLISS OASIS AFRICA we offer both in-person and online counselling

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