Why should I seek counseling?

If you are facing a challenge with which you are not prepared on how to cope, you need the assistance of another person equipped in helping to pull through.  It is not a weakness to admit that we are finding it hard to cope with certain situations.

Many people think that you only go to see a counselor if you are mad or have lost your mind

This is not true at all since at one point in our lives we find ourselves overwhelmed, by a particular issue.

This might be a developmental or crisis situation that you are finding very challenging and you just need to talk to someone.

The main difference between doctors and counselors is that whereas doctors prescribe drugs, counselors do not.  A well-trained counselor might understand the problem but they cannot prescribe drugs.  They will talk with the client about the issues and where medical intervention is needed, they will refer.  There are times people go to see a medical doctor with a problem that could be well handled by a counselor.  The converse is also true.

Many people have been surprised at how helpful counseling can be since it enables you to learn coping strategies for stress, anxiety, and even homesickness for those working or studying away from home.

Counseling can also help you

  • Deal with stress, grief, trauma, or other life stressors
  • Understand problems, identify strategies, and strengthen problem-solving skills
  • Students Improve their academic performance
  • Reduce feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Regain a sense of focus and control
  • Discover personal strengths
  • Succeed at career/task/school

At BLISS OASIS AFRICA, we offer both in-person and online counselling

For inquiries and booking call/WhatsApp 0740 378381


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